[Review] Arcane Legends (iOS)

In the world of mobile gaming, MMORPG’s has struggled more than most other genres. Games have struggled to present an entertaining experience that will retain players. Spacetime Studios is no stranger to MMORPG’s with games such as Pocket Legends, Star Legends, and Dark Legends; however, with Arcane Legends, Spacetime Studios has finally created an MMORPG worth playing.

One of the key features that separates Arcane Legends from other MMORPG’s is that it is a multiplatform game. Not only is it available on the iOS and Android, but it could also be played on PC and Mac through a java based client on the developer’s website. The game is primarily designed for the multitouch interface, the only real benefit of the PC and Mac versions are slightly improved graphics.


You start off by choosing either a Rogue, Warrior, or Sorcerer character, each with different abilities and attacks. Each character can also be customized slightly, from a handful of different faces, In the beginning you also get to choose a pet partner and name them, but this isn’t a permanent decision like your very first Pokemon  Throughout the game, you’ll find and be able to buy new pets. Your pet serves as your ally and help you fight in battle as well as pick up money and other items on the ground. Your pets also level up and learn abilities.

Like all RPG’s, Arcane Legends is a quest driven game, and you start off with a few quests to get you used to moving around, and visiting key people around town. As with most touchscreen joysticks, movement is not perfect and can be obtrusive to gameplay, although I will say that the joystick does work better than most in other games. As you level up, you learn new attacks and abilities. Each attack can also be powered up by holding it down. The more powerful the attack, the longer the cooldown.  While essential mana and health regenerate, it takes longer for it to do so in a battle, leading to some nail biting moments.


Many quests require the help of other players to defeat the more powerful enemies. Luckily, there are many players in each zone, and creating a party with surrounding players is a simple task. Along with that, the social networking aspect of the game is very thorough, from adding friends, creating parties, joining friends, and chatting with the players around you, Arcane Legends has that all readily available. I did encounter small issues when joining my friends at times, though that would mostly happen when we were on different platforms. But even in that case, we were able to work it out after a few tries.

As you begin to earn money, you can buy weapons, armor, elixirs, pets, and more. Though the game is free to play, purchasable “platinum” can be used to buy items as well. Unlike in most games, you can earn platinum as well, which truly embraces the free-to-play medium.

In the world of MMORPG’s, Arcane Legends really has it all: multiplatform and crossplatform play, great graphics, intuitive  and, most importantly, addictive gameplay. Creating an MMORPG on a mobile platform has not been an easy task, but Arcane Legends has really raised the bar in the genre. If you’ve been searching for a mobile MMORPG that doesn’t sacrifice any part of the gameplay, then Arcane Legends is a must.

Available on: iOS, Android, PC, Mac; Publisher: Spacetime Studios; Developer: Spacetime Studios; Players: 1; Released: November 15, 2012; Official Site


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