[Denki for Listening] Episode 10 – Dubstep Yoshi Wants Your Money

As promised Davis kept his promise on trying The Witcher 2 (barely) and the gang discusses other games they’ve been playing, including more DOTA 2League of LegendsAce of Spades, and Warframe. In news, we discuss the mystery game at EVO 2013, the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 UltimateAtelier Ayesha‘s lack of Japanese audio, the announcement of Disney Infinity, and the controversy over Dead Island: Riptide‘s collector edition bust.

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03:05 – The gang discusses the Witcher 2 and playing it on keyboard, not to mention its full frontal

07:15 – Is the Witcher 3 coming? Why Eldon believes it’s a question of when and not if.

09:20 – A Survivalcraft mention elicits discussion on knockoffs of Minecraft and League of Legends

17:53 – Eldon and Kevin talk about DOTA 2, the merits of Meepo, and why DOTA 2 utilizes lore better than League of Legends

22:00 – Kevin talks about Ace of Spades and why the beta is better than the full release 27:30 – Kevin discusses his experiences with Warframe, the new PvE action title, and microtransactions

34:50 – The gang discusses the merits, or lackthereof, of champion rotation in League of Legends

41:59 – Davis and the gang discusses EVO and the eighth mystery game at EVO

48:30 – The gang discusses My Little Pony and bronies 51:10 – Why the gang is excited for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

59:20 – Atelier Ayesha and why its announcement disappoints

72:00 – “Movies Davis Has Finally Gotten to: Part 2″

75:00 – Disney Infinity and creepy old men

85:37 – Dead Island: Riptide and its collector’s bust that nobody wants

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