[Friday Five] Things to Watch for From CES 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show comes once a year, and while dish washers and refrigerators aren’t particularly relevant to the gaming scene, gaming companies still come out in force to show off their latest offerings as well as future projects for us to drool at and pine for. CES events in the past have announced things high profile concepts like Razer’s Project Fiona or gamer-friendly gadgets such as the GAEMS G155, and this year’s is no different.

nVidia’s Project Shield

Not one to be left out of the handheld gaming console trend, nVidia announced their plans for their own handheld, running on the Android Jelly Bean OS and featuring, among other things, an nVidia Tegra 4 processor and a 5-inch, 1280 x 720 pixel multi-touch display.  One of its biggest features, however, is its ability to stream games from a desktop PC with a compatible GeForce GTX GPU via onboard Wi-Fi, similar to the Wii U but with the processing power of the PC master race. Will nVidia break into the console space with the Shield? Only time will tell.


PowerA’s Moga Pro

There’s always room for improvement, and with the Moga Pro, PowerA improves on their previous Moga, an Android-friendly, Bluetooth compatible controller for smartphones and tablets. The Moga Pro boasts a rechargeable battery in lieu of the venerable AA battery of its older brother, the Moga, a more gamepad-centric design similar to the Xbox 360’s, as well as larger face buttons than its predecessor, a d-pad, and triggers. While not as revolutionary as, say, Project Shield, Android owners with a penchant for gaming on their devices will no doubt find some definite use in the Moga Pro.


Valve’s Gabecube Steam Box

It seems as though the rumors are true – Valve is currently developing a gaming console, nicknamed the “Steam Box” by the media, dedicated to running Steam via a Linux operating system. The system is already making waves, mostly due to the fact that Valve is not going to be making the system themselves beside an in-house development unit they call “Bigfoot.” Instead, the Steam Box will be available for other manufacturers to OEM on their own, with Valve overseeing production. This means companies will be able to add features like optical drives on their own. While the console isn’t coming out anytime during 2013, its reveal has added yet another competitor in next generation’s console war.


SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboards

Gaming peripherals have become exceedingly popular alongside the burgeoning eSports scene, but most gamers play on a budget and simply do not have the cash to fork over for a $300 headset or mechanical keyboard. The SteelSeries’ Apex and Apex RAW, priced at $99.99 and $69.99 respectively, offer the functionality of a high-end keyboard with none of the requisite buyer’s remorse. Both keyboards, feature membrane keys instead of a mechanical keyset, which would drive up the price considerably, but also adds media keys, diagonal arrow keys, and the ability to disable the dreaded Windows key with the push of button. The RAW features 17 macro keys as well as a pair of programmable layers, while the Apex RAW features 22 macro keys, 4 programmable layers, as well as fully-customizable backlights for your mood lighting and interior decorating needs.


Sunflex Europe’s unu Android tablet

Originally a simple controller peripheral called the Snakebyte, the unu is touted by Sunflex Europe as the world’s first combination tablet, gaming console, and smart TV running off Android. Currently, there is a pitiful amount of information on the system, aside from the fact that it will be offered in 7 and 10 inch variations and feature a proprietary UI, but such a lofty goal with such humble beginnings have certainly raised some eyebrows.

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  • Davis Fan January 13, 2013

    I’m gonna have to disagree with some of those there. The SteelSeries APEX is kinda meh as far as I’m concerned and the uNu tablet is outshadowed by other new items like Goal Zero Yeti 150 instead (two laptop recharges! Imagine the game time!)

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