[Casuals Consortium] Temple Run 2


This month, Imangi Studios brings its sequel to the crowd favorite Temple Run. While this new game still does not feature a central story beyond petty thievery from a temple of demented monkeys (replaced now with one, behemoth-sized primate) it maintains its original fast-paced game play and improves on a number of its key components to the enjoyment for new players and veteran marathoners. 

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[Review] Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition (PC)


The year is 1998, and anticipation runs deep at the studios of BioWare and Black Isles with their release of Baldur’s Gate, a role-playing-game tuned to the rules of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons2nd edition. Critics acclaim the game as the precedent for RPG’s all around, singlehandedly revitalizing the perspective of D&D on the computer. Interestingly enough, 1998 was just 14 years ago, and while Baldur’s Gate may not be the definitive “throwback” RPG in the shadow of games like RuneQuest (’78) or James Bond 007 (’83), it certainly has not been forgotten. Developers at Overhaul Games along with publisher Atari took a run at the pre-millennial classic this year when they released Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. As its title suggests, there are hundreds of improvements to the game—something that seems impossible while maintaining the integrity of the original Baldur’s Gate. However, the game’s inherent complexity allows these changes to be made seamlessly as it keeps its classic D&D design.

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