[Video Spotlight] Jack the Ripper


“Metal Gear Solid” brings to mind a lot of things, like cardboard boxes, genetically engineered super soldier mercenaries, and the trials and tribulations of a cyborg assassin and his long-suffering girlfriend. Foregoing the franchise’s iconic stealth gameplay for a quicker paced, combat-oriented hack-and-slash style, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has raised concerns in the Metal Gear fanbase for straying too far off-base to be a “real” Metal Gear title. For now, it seems that, at the very least, its complex and much-loved sci-fi military mythos remains intact.

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[Video Spotlight] And That’s Why You Don’t Mash


Mashing’s bad. It’s really bad. Not only does it wear out your controller or arcade stick, but you’re actively putting yourself into sticky situations – especially if the opponent knows you’re mashing. In the next video, I’m playing against another friend, who’s using Sagat, and he’s constantly mashing on his Tiger Uppercut, otherwise known as the standard panic button. Think of this as a PSA. Of course, I had already jumped beforehand (by accident), but you can clearly see how a mistaken ultra will lead to (unnecessary) damage.

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[Video Spotlight] Ancient Apparition Full Court Shot in Greeviling


As DOTA 2′s Greeviling event comes to an end, as much we would like to complain about the random nature of the event, we have to admit that it still gave us some good times. The event made for a lot of fun, albiet stupid, happenings. And that’s exactly what the mode gave us – in addition to all the free presents, coal and kindler’s kits included. Our own writer, Eldon Tsan, had some good memories and uploaded one of them to YouTube. In it, while the other team is focused on securing a Greeviling and catching up against an insurmountable six Greeviling lead, he says “why not?” and fires off Ancient Apparition’s ultimate from fountain.

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[Video Spotlight] Ohio State Mixes Our Favorite Pastime with High School’s Worst Extracurricular


Any of us who have been in band in high school knows the toils it took on our time – having to wake up early and stay late for practice while our friends gamed away. Personally, I hated being in band but I can’t help but appreciate field shows and the time investment it takes to get it right. Ohio State University’s Marching Band is well regarded and it shows in this video to even the most ignorant of spectators. Throughout, it makes homages to various video games in both its music and patterns, making use of various logos and symbols. Though the show is a bit Nintendo-heavy, it’s still bound to amaze any gamer. Check it out and see if you can name all the games referenced.

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[Video Spotlight] Blitzcrank Airlines


It’s always a fun exercise to see the kind of glitches in games before they were patched out. In the olden days of consoles without patches, the glitches would remain forever as a relic for anybody to see and recreate at any time. However, with PCs and recent consoles, developers have had easier access to patching out their nasty little oversights, promising a better experience for players in the end. Though I’d never doubt that games are better without these glitches, it’s certainly fun to see them. Thanks to YouTube and generous uploaders, we certainly can! Watch in the following video as a Twisted Fate teleports to (what he thinks is) safety, only to be grabbed by Blitzcrank at the very last moment and taken down. Glitches usually are only slightly interesting to watch because they tear down the illusion of a perfectly designed title, but any that actually affect the gameplay are sure to garner a chuckle or two.

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[Video Spotlight] Jubeat: Scary, Yet Mesmerizingly Fun


Music rhythm games are certainly an interesting bunch. Though at the casual and lower level of play, players often just have fun, enjoying their favorite tunes or simply adding some to their library after hearing it for the first time, hardcore players transcend that and focus on getting the coveted flawless completion rates that take hours of practice. After trying out Konami’s Jubeat for the first time last week (and unable to understand the Korean directions at my arcade to boot), I couldn’t help but wonder how difficult the game could get. Needless to say, I was speechless after a quick YouTube search. See for yourselves.

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[Video Spotlight] Teddie and Pals Teach Us Persona 4 Arena


I’m usually not one for tutorial videos of fighting games. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for players watching them because it spares me the trouble of explaining how to do a simple fireball. However, having played competitive fighting games since the days of Capcom vs. SNK 2, I guess it’s my ego speaking when I scroll past videos that explain game mechanics to me. But after watching Atlus’s tutorial videos for the upcoming Persona 4 Arena, I had a change of heart.

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[Video Spotlight] Leeroy Jenkins Robs a Bank


The viral video of Leeroy Jenkins prematurely starting a raid has made its rounds for a couple of years already, even getting some screen time on The Daily Show. This week, a live action reimagining of the events on YouTube caught our eye, giving a different spin to the original viral video that still keeps some of the charm of the original.

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